Maria Montessori Pre-K - 8 School

The 17,019 square foot expansion to the former Marsh Elementary School repurposed the facility to become the Maria Montessori Pre-K - 8 School for the Rockford School District. The addition created 9 classrooms for grade levels 4 through 6 and included a Cafeteria/Community Room. The school addition completes a circulation pattern that provides access to all educational spaces on both levels.

The existing school was remodeled to accommodate Pre-K through 3rd grade on the upper level and 7-8 on the 2-store wing. 8 general classrooms were re-configured to create 4 - 7th and 8th-grade classrooms.

Previously, the Gymnasium doubled as the Cafeteria. The addition of the Cafeteria/Community Room provides independent space for multiple uses.