Meridian Junior High School

This 34,310-square foot addition increased the footprint of the school by 33% and resulted in an increase of 10 classrooms for the school. Much effort went into achieving one smooth look from the existing to the new addition. The exterior metal panels of the existing school were painted to match the new tan exterior. The new main entrance is a two-story atrium with a central staircase including floor to ceiling windows. Terrazzo flooring on the first and second floor lobbies and exposed columns makes the area more durable and give it an aesthetic appeal. The concern for the increased safety of the students entering and exiting the building was improved upon. The bus pick-up/ drop-off is now in the rear of the building and the capacity of the area outside the front entrance has increased so students are not congregating close to the street.
The new media center is larger with natural light provided through the windows along the perimeter and clerestory windows. The 16 new classrooms included general rooms, art and science rooms. The art rooms were included on the north side to provide even light while the science rooms across the hall have a lab area on one side and a lecture area on the other. The folding partition that splits both the art and science areas provides additional classroom space when needed by other subjects. Minor remodeling included upgrading the stage, modernization of a science room, a storage room, a mechanical room and a portion of the corridor.