Kishwaukee College

The project included additions totaling 150,000 square feet for a Business & Development Center, Computer Center, Classrooms, Diesel Power Shop and several other smaller additions. Included in the additions are more than 14 Computer Labs, 2 Distance Learning Labs, numerous classrooms for Instructional Training, Private Faculty Offices, Training Areas, a 250-seat Auditorium/Lecture Hall, Kitchen, Greenhouse, Gym addition, Canopy Work and Therapeutic Massage. Remodeling areas total 57,843 square feet and occur in the Radio Station, Data Processing, Copy Center, Bookstore, Collision, Auto Storage, Financial Aid, Dean’s Office, Gym Mezzanine, Nursing Lab, Biology Lab and other various rooms. Minor remodeling included upgrading the stage, modernization of a science room, a storage room, a mechanical room and a portion of the corridor.